"Marcia Phelps is a once in a lifetime type of person. Sunshine incarnate. She is the first professional mentor I had in my sales and marketing career. I met the right person. Marcia is a woman who is knowledgeable, passionate, instant bond type of person. She helped me get through the initial anxiety of transitioning from college to the work world. She was my mentor for my internship, in which we created a catering branch to a fantastic Lee's Summit restaurant, Habaneros. This created a new revenue stream for the company and she led the carriage I was lucky to be a part of and create. What a great experience. Marcia is the definition of warmth, compassion, understanding and leader. She helped me grow from a student into a ready to hit the road professional. Marcia is someone you meet and don't forget. Nor talk to only once. You will want to talk to her and maintain a relationship and build that relationship as long as you know her."
Luke Combs

"I've known Marcia for a number of years and we have discussed many facets of our lives. My admiration for Marcia comes through watching her navigate what life has thrown at her with grace and dignity. This is a woman of heart and soul. She feels deeply and understands from a soul level, how to help others in distress.
Some people are born with a singing talent or are great artists. Others understand mathematical analysis or foreign languages. Marcia's talent for inspiring others to their own best self is her passionate endeavor. It comes easy for her, like a teacher or engineer of sorts. When others shy away, overwhelmed, Marcia, "leans in". Trust her. Many do."
Carron Hairabedian

"You definitely gave me a gift that connected this broken soul to a world that I have learned to thrive in without questioning myself and making excuses for myself as well. You took that missing puzzle piece that I have been looking for all my life and placed it beautifully into that empty space. God bless you."
Val Voyles

"I am writing to recommend Marcia Hunter, MA.. to anyone looking to work with a professional Life Coach. I have known Marcia personally for two years and as a Life Coach client for four months.
I contacted Marcia to work through some of the life changing events that I faced when I returned home to Missouri after a 30-year absence. There was an instant connection when I met Marcia to discuss working with her as a professional Life Coach. Marcia immediately put me at ease, I sincerely felt she was listening with understanding and compassion.

Marcia has a unique ability to immediately recognize the full picture as well as the ‘roadblocks’. She suggested an organized approach to conquering what seemed to me to be an overwhelming set of obstacles. Using her knowledge and experience, she patiently put my set of obstacles in a clear, concise order so that I could more easily identify what was keeping me from moving forward. Marcia’s patience is sincere and heartfelt, she truly cares about people and ultimately works for the most positive outcome for her clients.
Creativity in relating ideas for thought is another strong skill, if one way of communicating ideas isn’t providing results, Marcia has an immediate ‘Plan B’ to express alternative ideas to get the thought process moving.
Marcia’s expertise has guided me to think through various alternatives to my life changing events and has helped me realize I can reach my goals with thought and preparation. I feel truly blessed to know and have counseled with Marcia Phelps, M.A."
Jennifer Smith

"In the years I have know Marcia she has always been a listening and encouraging friend, as if we were meant to be connected. When she was in the insurance industry and I was her customer, when she later worked for the university I attended, when she taught Human Growth and Development and I was her student, and now as she writes her first book and is coaching others to live the unbridled life of True Self I am there to see her shine and be blessed and challenged to shine with her in all that God has made me to do just as she is doing. This testimony is but a small part of what I truly have to say about Marcia because she has had that much of an impact on my life and does every time I am in her presence. Truly an earth angel."
Saundra Adams